Kaalflex Pvt. Ltd.

Kaalflex Pvt. Ltd. is a "Flexible Duct Manufacturing company" with a modern and state of the art plant located in Vadodara, Gujarat. In India, "Kaalflex" exclusively the only manufacturer with the technology colorbation with U.S. based Flexible Technhologies and brand rights to market "Thermaflex-UL". "Kaalflex" is furthermore a UL approved vendor and a supplier to "Thermaflex-UL" in USA.

With a world recognized name of the most reliable and durable products in the residential & commercial HVAC industry and years of experience in the global market, we now intend to introduce this world class product into the expanding Indian domestic main stream market, with our most popular Insulated Flexible Air Ducts & Non Insulated Flexible Air Ducts.


Company Profile

"Thermaflex-UL" is U.S. based global leader in flexible duct products in the HVAC-R industry for both residential, commercial & industrial HVAC-R applications. Founded in 1953, the company has experienced significant growth in it's storied history.

Kaalflex's manufacturing process ensures that "Kaalflex" products are durable, reliable and safe. Strict quality control measures are followed for superior products. Our ducts are made from quality materials, resulting in a premium product you can trust.

The Combination of superior one of kind technology in India, prompt delivery and cost effectiveness makes "Kaalflex" By Kaalflex Pvt. Ltd. the undisputed Leader in Flexible Ducts anywhere in the world.

Why Choose Our

Flexible Air Ducts

Kaalflex Flexible Air Ducts

Choose a Kaalflex flexible air ducts and you'll get the finest high performance product. Kaalflex incorporate the unique combination of precision and attention to detail with high production capabilities in a wide range of flexible air ducts.

The Material & Manufacturing

Our flexible air duct are made from the finest quality material. Kaalflex has created a very effective combination of stremlined production capabilites and quality engineering that produces best flexible air ducts.


When you purchase a Kaalflex flexible air ducts you'll get quality and unmatched in the high performance product. When you install a genuine Kaalflex flexible air ducts in your HVAC projects, you'll do so with the peace of mind that it will perform Flawlessly.

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