Flexible Air Ducts

Strong polyester film laminated and encapsulating a heavy, corrosion resistant steel wire helix, forms the inner core and supports a thick blanket of fiberglass insulation. The outer vapor barrier is a bi-directional, reinforced metallized vapor barrier which will not unravel. The smooth air tight inner core of polyester is designed for low to medium pressure systems.

Data Sheets

Technical Specification:

Diameter : 4" through 20" ID
Length : 25 Feet
Pressure Rating : (WG)
Positive : 10 inches (4"-16" ID) 6 inches (18"-20" ID)
Negative : 1/2 inch (4"-20" ID)
Velocity : 5000 FPM
Temp. Range : -20F to 250F
R-Value : R-4.2, R-6.0, R-8.0
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